What is Keyword Rank Tracking?

Keyword rank tracking is the activity of monitoring the position of a website in search engine results pages for specific keyword searches.

How does keyword rank tracking work?

Instead of manually searching Google to see where your website appears for specific searches, you can use rank tracking software to check keyword positions for you. And because software never sleeps, it will continue to record where your website ranks and provide you with historic data so you can see your progress.

Surely I can just search and see the results for myself?

If only it were so easy. Since 2004 Google has been delivering personalized search results. The results you see are based on your location, previous searches and browsing history even if you are not logged into Google services. The beauty of rank tracking software is that it provides you with anonymous search results for the country and language of your choice rather than for your local settings. So for example, if you live in Australia and want to see how your website is performing in the Google US search results, then rank tracking software can do this for you.

So how do I track my keyword ranking?

There are many keyword rank tracking solutions available online. A few are free but most are paid subscriptions with free trials. If your website is built on WordPress and you want the convenience of tracking and managing your rankings from within your own admin area, you will soon be able to install the free version of RankBear. This will allow you to track up to five keywords with weekly updates using the Google search engine in every country and language available. To track more than five keywords or to get daily updates you can upgrade to the paid version for just $9 per month for up to 100 keywords. See our features and pricing pages for more details.

Which search engines should I use to track my rankings?

While there are many search engines now available, Google tends to dominate in all but a handful of countries. According to data from StatCounter, Google’s global share of the search engine market was 75.23% in 2019, with Bing (10.17%) and Baidu (9.45%) being the closest competitors. The remaining 5.15% of the market is shared by 23 other search engines.

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